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ControlPoint® Exemption Certificate Management for Retailers Hugh Anderson November 28, 2022

ControlPoint® Exemption Certificate Management for Retailers

Enable rapid collection of exemption certificates at point of sale (POS).
ControlPoint ECM complete
Key Features
Accept exemption certificates at POS and digitally associate the certificate and customer to the transaction.
Centralized certificate validation

Achieve compliance and reduce audit risk while providing a better in-store experience for customers.

Direct submissions

Liberate tax resources from document collection efforts and enable customers to submit their forms to ControlPoint from any mobile device.

Saves time and money

Reduce customer calls to request tax exempt treatment on online transactions. Eliminate costs to credit and rebill customer invoices when exemption certificates are presented after the fact.

Customer convenience

Enable customers to fill out exemption forms online using the guided wizard or scan and upload previously completed and signed forms. Create ease of reorder by allowing customers to present their certificate barcode to make repeat tax-exempt purchases.


ControlPoint is backed by the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes.
  • Industry-leading mobile application for exemption certificate management
  • Fully integrated with e-commerce systems
  • Seamless touchpoint for customers and end users
  • Flexible, centralized reporting solution
  • Collects exemption certificates at the POS

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