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Tracker® PRO MailRoom™ Hugh Anderson November 28, 2022

Tracker® PRO MailRoom

Automate unclaimed property due diligence mailings and easily track documents with MailRoom, a fully integrated feature of Tracker PRO.
Tracker PRO MailRoom
Key Features
Free up resources and mitigate audit risk.
Push-button mailing

Electronically transmit documents from Tracker PRO to our network of printers to validate addresses, print letters, stuff envelopes, apply postage, and mail through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Audit support

Track your mailed due diligence documents. Retrieve USPS tracking numbers with the push of a button.

Greater compliance

Improve compliance, visibility, and reporting by following every detail of your mailings, including copies of the letters and their status in the USPS system.


Tracker PRO is backed by the largest unclaimed property consulting practice in North America.
  • One push of a button starts the entire process
  • Fully digital; no paper cuts, jammed printers, or lost documents
  • Track each document as it travels through the mail system
  • A network of printers across the country efficiently handles your mailings, ensuring documents arrive on time

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