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TaxFeed® Hugh Anderson November 21, 2022
Digital Delivery of Your Parcel Data and Property Tax Bills
Reduce reliance on paper mail delivery, manual data entry, and undependable OCR technology. TaxFeed digitally delivers your property tax values and bills accurately and on time.
TaxFeed parcel data

Key Features

We gather your property tax data from assessors and collectors, standardize it across jurisdictions, and make it available to you in an online portal and in a customized format of your choosing.
  • Automated property tax bill reconciliation
  • Standardized data across jurisdictions
  • Up to 75% reduction of time spent manually processing notices
  • Customized to your property tax processes
  • Integrates with™ property tax software
  • Greater data accuracy and reliability
Increase the efficiency of your property tax processes with digital property tax values and bills obtained directly from jurisdictions.
Save time

Eliminate manual data entry, so you can focus on value-added tasks that reduce your tax liability.

Get better data

Ensure accuracy and reliability by receiving property tax values and bills directly from the source. Receive information in a format compatible with your current reporting, so you can easily compare data across jurisdictions.

Simplify bill reconciliation

Upload images of tax bills and let image-matching technology do the rest. Link the images to individual parcels and create a document library that helps identify missing notices.

Avoid missed deadlines

Reduce time-consuming data entry and mail delays that cause documents to arrive behind schedule.

TaxFeed is backed by the world’s largest property tax practice.
  • Automated data entry creates efficiencies throughout property tax processes
  • Improved budgeting and forecasting based on consistent and comprehensive data
  • Built to fit your property tax process in the file format you need
  • Stores assessment and bill images in an online document library linked to parcel records
  • Standardizes data across jurisdictions, so you don’t have to chart different regional requirements

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