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OPT® Hugh Anderson November 29, 2022


OPT is a Tried-and-True Solution for Simplifying Property Tax Management

Eliminate never-ending data management and manual year-to-year asset tracking. Import and classify assets—and let OPT do the rest.
OPT returns tab

Key Features

Streamline and automate the entire property tax workflow from determination through remittance and compliance. Get management and tax compliance information for informed decision-making.
  • Manage real estate and personal property tax
  • Handle real property tax appeals from several sources
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources in one database
  • Gain visibility across portfolios
  • Protect data with robust security

A Single Dashboard of Truth

Streamline the process for reporting property tax appeals and real estate metrics across portfolios and real property tax appeals from several sources. Consolidate information from multiple sources in one database.
OPT dashboard

Personal Property Tax

Manage classifications, depreciation schedules, reportability, and more from a single dashboard. Automate workflows from task tracking to responsibility rules.
OPT asset grid

Real Estate Property Tax

Get effortless access to critical detailed and summarized reports. Manage billions of dollars in real estate assets with minimal risk of tax liability with the latest jurisdictional rules and templates.
OPT tax bill
OPT is backed by the world’s largest property tax practice.
  • Manages both personal and real estate property tax in a single, end-to-end solution
  • Has the flexibility to automate importing and managing data
  • Provides dashboards and standard reports
  • Creates security protocol in the same solution used for property tax management

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