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ControlPoint® Hugh Anderson November 23, 2022
A comprehensive, cloud-based solution for Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Management
Improve compliance and reduce audit exposure. Gain complete control of the exemption certificate management (ECM) process for tax-exempt customer and vendor transactions in the U.S. and Canada.
ControlPoint dashboard

Key Features

Automate the collection, transmittal, validation, and reporting of tax exemption certificates with easy-to-use tools. Use ControlPoint alone or integrate it with other systems to drive efficiency.
  • Secure online portal for customers to create or submit certificates
  • Automatic tracking of expiring certificates and renewal requests
  • Correspondence engine for generating and managing customizable letters for batch email processing and/or printing a hard copy for mailing
  • Creation and issuance of exemption documents to vendors
  • Robust reporting for managing invalid, expired, and missing certificates
  • Standard content includes hundreds of forms for the U.S. and Canada

ECM for Retail Point of Sale and E-Commerce

Collect exemption certificates at the point of sale (POS) with centralized certificate validation.
ControlPoint with ECM

Centralized Collection of Exemption Certificates

Automate email campaigns for managing certificates that are invalid, expired, or nearing expiration. Select the campaign type and quickly select recipients from a filtered list.
ControlPoint campaign recipients

Secure Customer Portal

Customers accessing the form submission portal are recognized, allowing their data to pre-populate certificate forms. Once confirmed and verified, completed documents are ready to be submitted.
ControlPoint customer portal
ControlPoint is backed by the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes.
  • Integration via API with e-commerce, billing, ERP, and POS systems
  • Built-in campaign management tools to merge email templates and data
  • Powerful reporting for quick response to audits and exporting of certificate details
  • Comprehensive exemption forms library
  • Tested and proven by indirect tax practitioners

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