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FilePoint® Hugh Anderson November 22, 2022
The Premier Solution for Filing Indirect Tax Returns in the U.S. and Canada
Simplify sales and use tax compliance, importing data, and filing returns in a matter of minutes. Save time with electronic signatures, detailed tracking, and comprehensive reporting.
FilePoint tax returns

Key Features

Prepare hundreds of returns with deep visibility into applied tax rates and easy uploads to a wide range of jurisdictions.
  • Generation of paper returns or online files for seamless uploads to different jurisdictions
  • Easy importing of tax data, with no need for pre-consolidation
  • Workflow tracking to show the status of returns throughout the compliance cycle
  • Forensic-level reports that trace all data for robust reconciliation
  • Complete audit trail with date/time stamps, filtering by user and activity
  • Support for “gross up” or “gross down” calculations

Ubiquitous Importing of Tax Data

Take in sales and use tax data from any number of sources. Configure your own data overrides for maximum flexibility.
FilePoint data imports

Electronic Signatures

Store signatures for automatically signing multiple returns, saving time and resources. Only authorized users can advance returns to the signature stage.
FilePoint electronic signatures

Custom, Forensic-Level Reporting

Trace each line of data on your return, with details on the calculated amounts, different jurisdictions, and tax rates applied.
FilePoint reporting

Multitenant Architecture

Work with hundreds of companies and users in a single instance.
FilePoint multi-tenant architecture
FilePoint is backed by the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes.
  • Tested and proven by indirect tax practitioners
  • Intuitive interface for creating signature-ready forms for all kinds of clients, with more flexibility and control
  • Seamless access to the largest body of electronic uploads in the market for sales and use tax filings
  • Built-in data manipulation and error processing tools
  • Complete audit trail that supports manual adjustments while memorializing any changes
  • Universal data export capabilities for all tax data grids

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