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PropertyPoint® Hugh Anderson September 29, 2022
The Industry-Leading SaaS Solution for U.S. Real and Personal Property Tax Management
Upgrade property tax compliance with modern technology built for speed and browser compatibility. Centralize assessments, appeals, bills, savings, and refunds.
PropertyPoint dashboard

Key Features

Get one-click access to your portfolio data, property tax status, and tasks in a single robust solution.
  • Fast, accurate filing of multistate returns
  • Payment processing and tracking
  • End-to-end property tax cycle visibility
  • Customizable dashboard and calendar
  • Digital access to your property tax values and bills
  • Powerful and flexible reporting

Take a Self-Guided Tour

PropertyPoint dashboard
Prepare your first personal property return in just minutes.

Digital Access to Property Tax Values and Bills

Seamlessly integrate with TaxFeed® to reduce reliance on mail delivery and manual data entry.
Property tax bill

Rapid Asset Import for Faster Preparation of Tax Returns

In minutes, batch and import data, organize assets, and group returns.
PropertyPoint tax return preparation

Customizable Dashboard

Create custom views and use drag-and-drop tools for data importing and returns filing.
PropertyPoint dashboard

Site Details with Parcel List

Access parcel data fast. Filter and view results.
PropertyPoint state site report
PropertyPoint is backed by the world’s largest property tax practice.
  • Dynamic, customizable reporting for accounting, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Scalable to meet the needs of the largest portfolios
  • A modern and user-friendly design, accessed by virtually any browser
  • Secure document storage at all levels
  • Tested and proven by practitioners to manage and mitigate business property tax liability for thousands of clients
  • Integration capability with ERP systems, digital data delivery, and bill pay programs

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