Transfer Pricing Documenter™ Hugh Anderson November 30, 2022
Transfer Pricing Documenter
End-to-End Solution That Centralizes Transfer Pricing Documentation and Benchmarking Obligations
Access global, comparable third-party databases and streamline the entire transfer pricing compliance process.

    Transfer Pricing Documenter benchmarking

    Key Features

    A centralized, cloud-based solution, Transfer Pricing Documenter increases accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of annual reporting, mitigating risk of penalties and adjustments. Robust, comprehensive third-party data and roll-forward capabilities streamline the creation of studies and reports.
    • Rich document creation
    • Multi-user collaboration
    • Live dashboard
    • Automatic imports
    • Intuitive search capabilities
    • Global comparable data

    Reports Dashboard

    Check the status of global documentation for a given year.
    Transfer Pricing Documenter dashboard


    Follow a guided approach to analyze intercompany results and obtain reliable third-party data.
    Transfer Pricing Documenter benchmark list

    Report Layout

    Fully customize reporting with comprehensive design and collaborative tools.
    Transfer Pricing Documenter report layout
    Transfer Pricing Documenter is backed by experienced practitioners.
    • Chosen by some of the world’s largest multinationals to comply with global taxation requirements
    • State-of-the-art technology with time-saving import, search, and reporting functions
    • One-click report rollforward for year-over-year efficiency and minimal rework
    • Access to millions of public and private comparable company databases
    • Annually updated transfer pricing regulatory environment write-ups for more than 70 countries
    • Support services include transfer pricing process design and software implementation

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