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Fundingportal™ Hugh Anderson November 21, 2022
Tailored Solutions to Navigate Grants, Credits, and Incentives across North America
Find, apply for, and leverage government grants, incentives, and tax credits to match your organization’s needs.
Fundingportal incentive management dashboard

Key Features

Identify, apply for, and confirm all sources of public and private funding for your members, clients, and stakeholders. Improve funding outcomes with Fundingportal’s end-to-end solutions.
  • Tailored solutions to help advisory firms and agencies secure more funding
  • Cloud-based software for streamlining grants and incentives application and administration processes
  • Custom search tool for finding grants, incentives, and tax credits across industries and regions
  • Proven grants management system for greater success rates
  • Self-service tool for finding the right funding within a matter of minutes
  • Standard or custom report options

Fundingportal Advisory™

Level up your in-house advisory capabilities and grow your consulting practice. File applications and secure funding for clients across different practices and lines of business.
Fundingportal Advisory

Fundingportal Enterprise™

Source public and private funding for your business or on behalf of your industry association members. Use powerful search tools to access our extensive database and secure funding faster.
Fundingportal Enterprise

Fundingportal Growth™

Activate your startup, small to mid-sized business, or corporate foundation to find the right funding, fast. Match your growth mission to funding programs by type, region, dollar amount, and 14 other data points. Connect with funders directly or request end-to-end application management services from our experts.

Fundingportal is backed by North America’s leading experts in securing grants, credits, and incentives.

  • Licensed by leading consulting firms to manage funding for clients of all sizes
  • Access to 11,000+ private and public funding programs across North America
  • Automated funding alerts to ensure you never miss a funding opportunity
  • Interactive dashboards to track progress and derive competitive insights
  • Application support services and custom report requests at your fingertips

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