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PinPoint® Hugh Anderson November 23, 2022


The Most Intelligent Solution for Indirect Tax Calculation and Reporting
Automate the calculation of U.S. and Canadian sales and use taxes across sales and purchasing systems. Boost accuracy and mitigate risk with ease.
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Key Features

Reduce the time and resources needed for precise tax calculations with PinPoint.
  • Powerful calculation engine designed by tax practitioners
  • Comprehensive tax research and rates
  • Robust reporting and audit support
  • Easy integration with SAP, Oracle, and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Customer exemption certificate handling
  • Cloud deployment
Simplify use tax accruals and validation of vendor-charged tax, backed by thousands of tax rules for smarter decisions and seamless reporting.
Consumer use tax calculations—real-time or batch calculations

Improve control of consumer use tax decisions. Centralize use tax accruals and validation of vendor-charged tax. Apply system learning tools to increase compliance rates.

Sales tax calculations

Automate the calculations of U.S. Sales Tax and Canadian Goods and Services Tax , Provincial Sales Tax , and Harmonized Sales Tax for your billing, e-commerce, and POS platforms.

Certified integration with SAP

Harness PinPoint’s full-featured tax engine within your SAP procure-to-pay and order-to-cash workflows.

Certified integration with Oracle

Get seamless tax calculations and reporting via certified integration of PinPoint with Oracle.

PinPoint is backed by the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes.
  • Batch processing option enables rapid implementation and reduces IT support burden
  • Non-configured tax decisions are flagged for further analysis, allowing system to “learn” from your inputs—increasing compliance rates over time
  • Supports importing of tax-relevant details from multiple accounts payable systems for tax calculation and reporting
  • Centralizes tax logic for companies running more than one ERP system
  • Taxability determinations based on the quality of data—not just the quantity
  • Thousands of tax rules researched and maintained by tax practitioners

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