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Transfer Pricing Operational™ Hugh Anderson November 30, 2022
Transfer Pricing Operational
Innovative Global Tax Reporting Solution for Intercompany Transactions
Gain perspective and control with a complete view of multinational intercompany pricing and global tax reporting.
Transfer Pricing Operational master data

Key Features

Transfer Pricing Operational centralizes and automates internal data collection, validation, and standardization. Powerful end-to-end reporting provides increased transparency, accuracy, and control. Automate intercompany price adjustments and segment data for profit and loss analysis.
  • Complete process from data collection, transformation, rules and allocations, adjustments, journal entries, and invoicing
  • Macro and micro views to check accuracy of reporting results
  • Strong audit defense with access to granular details and data traceability from input to output


View different, color-coded rules and dig in deeper.
Transfer Pricing Operational sequence
Transfer Pricing Operational is backed by experienced practitioners.
  • Longest established transfer pricing solution adopted by some of the world’s largest multinational corporations
  • Industry standard data sources and global coverage
  • World-class user controls and security
  • Scalable to meet the needs of the largest multinational corporations

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