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Property Tax Erik Thompson March 2, 2022

Innovative Property Tax Solutions

Property tax solutions with real-time values and tax bill data direct from tax authorities. Streamline tax compliance with smart technology. Our intelligent property tax solutions are simply unmatched.

Property Tax

Customizable dashboards, data analytics, flexible accrual modules, rapid processing, and data integration capabilities.   


U.S. real and personal property tax solution. File your first returns in just 15 minutes with our industry-leading solution.  


Global real property tax solution. Overcome the challenges of multiple languages, currencies, and tax laws with one tool. 


Securely manage U.S. personal and real property taxes—streamline the entire process.


Real-time access to parcel data. Stop relying on paper mail and unreliable optical character recognition (OCR) technology.   


Complete data sets across jurisdictions, market value comparisons, and consulting leads—all at your fingertips.   

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