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Tracker® PRO Hugh Anderson November 2, 2022
Tracker® PRO
The Market-leading Solution for Unclaimed Property Reporting and Compliance

Add ease and digital efficiencies to unclaimed property compliance, data security, reporting, and owner claims. Simplify, centralize, and streamline unclaimed property reporting and compliance.

Tracker PRO property overview

Key Features

Use Tracker PRO’s user-friendly interface to map and import data and get started fast. Manage compliance complexities and mitigate risk. Stay up to date with changing state regulations and notifications about unclaimed property reporting, requirements, and deadlines.
  • Integration with MailRoom™
  • Integration with Owner Claims Portal™
  • Robust data security
  • Streamlined imports
  • Easy to file, direct report submissions to jurisdictions

Take a Tour of Tracker PRO

Tracker PRO property overview
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Owner Claims Portal

Centralize claims communications, documentations, and due diligence tasks.

Tracker PRO Owner Claims Portal


Send due diligence letters with the push of a button. Electronically submit documents to our network of printers and track U.S. Postal Service mailings.
Tracker PRO MailRoom

Data Security

Keep your data safe with encryption at rest and in transit with role-based security parameters and audit logging and reporting.
Tracker PRO role management

Easy, Accurate Reporting

Generate escheat reports for 54 jurisdictions in the approved National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators layout.
Tracker PRO reporting
Tracker PRO is backed by the largest unclaimed property consulting practice in North America.
  • One complete solution for mailing, filing, owner claims processing, and all due diligence steps
  • Proven and tested by experienced practitioners
  • Input direct from states for comprehensive and updated coverage
  • Ability to report multiple holders in a single state report
  • Secure archiving of records, reports, and system activity

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