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Tracker® PRO Owner Claims Portal™ Hugh Anderson December 1, 2022
Tracker® PRO Owner Claims Portal
Centralize and organize unclaimed property due diligence communication, documentation, and tasks with Owners Claim Portal, a fully integrated feature of Tracker PRO.
Tracker PRO Owner Portal claims

Improved Due Diligence and Positive Responses

File claims, upload documents, and track claims status online or via smart phone. Ease of use increases response rates and decreases time spent on due diligence.
Tracker PRO Owner Portal
Tracker PRO claim review

Complete Turn-Key Solution

Populate files, verify owner identity, confirm owner payment information, and log communications with one dashboard in a single, secure location.

Time Savings

Automatically capture and post online claims forms and documents to Tracker PRO. Eliminate redundant efforts and the need to scan documents, mail letters, open envelopes, and update records.
Tracker PRO identity verification review
Tracker PRO Owner Portal claim submitted

Mobile Document Management

Use a smart phone or tablet to take a photo of identity documentation, making property owner verification simple. Claimants can also track claims status via the online portal.
Tracker PRO is backed by the largest unclaimed property consulting practice in North America.
  • End-to-end solution developed by unclaimed property experts to handle every step of the due diligence process, from initial communication through final tasks
  • Customizable to allow you to put corporate logo and branding on portal pages
  • Enabled for tablets, smart phones, laptops, or desktops, so users have plenty of options for input and on-demand tracking
  • Securely stores documents and makes them instantly available to users with proper access
  • Allows multiple users to track and manage documents simultaneously

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