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PinPoint® for Consumer Use Tax Hugh Anderson December 2, 2022

PinPoint® for Consumer Use Tax

Gain control of consumer use tax decisions by automating use tax accruals and validation of vendor-charged tax.
PinPoint transaction process
Improve control of consumer use tax decisions.
Real-time and batch calculations

Validate vendor-charged tax and allocate costs across multiple jurisdictions and purchase types.

Comprehensive tax research

Leverage product and service taxability research provided by™ experts. Use standard content from a library of 9,600+ rules and a tax matrix with taxable and nontaxable designations.

Robust tax reporting

Access reporting, compliance, data analysis, and audit defense tools. Draw on the centralized tax data warehouse to build a comprehensive audit defense trail.

Cloud hosting or on-premise deployment

Our cloud-based solution integrates with most ERP, procurement, and accounts payable systems.


PinPoint is backed by the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes.
  • Indirect tax calculation and reporting solution designed by tax practitioners
  • Rapid and cost-effective implementation when deployed as a batch process
  • Isolates transactions for which a tax decision has not been configured for further analysis by the tax department
  • Allows you to “teach” the system how to handle new scenarios as your purchase activity changes
  • Standard AP data extraction retrieves tax-relevant detail from ERP systems for calculation and reporting
  • Determines taxability based on a powerful algorithm that examines the quality of the data—not just the quantity

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