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PinPoint® for Sales Hugh Anderson December 2, 2022

PinPoint® for Sales

The most intelligent sales tax calculation engine available.
PinPoint sales transactions
Automate sales tax calculations for billing, e-commerce, and POS platforms.
Powerful tax calculation engine

Automate calculations of sales and use tax for the U.S. and Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST), Provincial Sales Tax (PST), and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Comprehensive tax research

Leverage goods and services taxability research provided by™ experts, including the ability to handle customer exemptions.

Robust tax reporting

Access standard summary and detailed transaction reports. Export data to several platforms for return preparation.

Cloud hosting or on-premise deployment

Our cloud-based solution integrates with most ERP, procurement, and accounts payable systems.


PinPoint is backed by the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes.
  • Accurate tax determinations on sales through jurisdiction situsing, taxability of goods and services sold, and customer exemptions
  • Easy integration with third-party billing and e-commerce applications through robust application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • User-friendly configuration for customer exemption certificates
  • Monthly updates for rates and taxability content
  • Built-in transaction testing/simulation

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