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Optimus™ Hugh Anderson November 11, 2022
The Premier Software Solution for Global Property Tax Management, Assessments, and Appeals

Standardize property tax values across multiple countries, languages, and currencies into one clear view. Gain insights and launch tax-saving strategies faster.

Optimus parcel map

Key Features

Expertly manage your international, multiasset real estate portfolio with Optimus. Make well-informed strategic decisions and modernize budgeting, forecasting, and workflow. Slash time spent importing and exporting data, performing queries, and completing operational tasks from hours to minutes with powerful processing.
  • Instant currency conversion and language translation
  • Customizable dashboard and workflows
  • Dynamic accounting, budgeting, and forecasting reports
  • Appeals management and tracking
  • Mass import/export capabilities

Clear Views of Large and Multinational Portfolios

Convert different currencies and languages instantly.
Optimus parcel map

Customizable “Infinity Dashboard”

Customize budgeting, forecasting, task assignment, and milestone calendar.
Optimus customizable infinity dashboard

Assessment Appeals

Identify regional and global tax reduction opportunities and initiate appeals fast.
Optimus assessment appeal

Digital Access to Property Tax Values and Bills

Seamlessly integrate with TaxFeed® to reduce reliance on mail delivery and manual data entry.
Property tax bill
Optimus is backed by the world’s largest property tax practice.
  • Chosen by publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), Fortune 100 companies, and the world’s largest tech companies for international operations
  • State-of-the-art technology with a modern and user-friendly design, accessed by virtually any browser
  • Secure document storage at all levels, scalable to meet the needs of the largest portfolios
  • Supports pre-acquisition, disposition, and comparative reports
  • Application programming interface (API) integration with accounting, digital data delivery, and bill pay systems

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