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Service Level Agreement Joseph DAlesandro September 5, 2023™ Service Level Agreement

Effective: May 17, 2024


Service Level Credit Threshold
Service Level Credit
Availability below 99.0%
One Service Level Credit for each hour of Downtime below 99.0% recorded during the reported quarter.


Error Level
Target Initial Response
Target Time to Resolve
“Level 1” means an Error causing Downtime.
2 Business Hours
Fix within 24 hours,
Fix dependent on Emergency or Scheduled Maintenance, then Workaround within 24 hours and Fix within 30 days.
“Level 2” means an Error causing service degradation, critical features not functioning, or disruptions to access for a subset of customers.
4 Business Hours
Fix within 24 hours
Workaround within 24 hours, with 30 days to Fix.
“Level 3” means an Error with minor services disruption for some customers, non-critical features not functioning, or performance issues for a subset of customers.
8 Business Hours
Fix within 48 hours
Workaround within 48 hours, with 60 days to Fix.
“Level 4” means an Error causing minor glitches, cosmetic or non-critical issues.
8 Business Hours
Expedient Workaround according to prioritized issues.


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